"Catherine is a focussed, patient and helpful tutor. To prepare for my audition for a part in a play, she advised on my phrasing and voice pitch. She also helped me understand the character and develop a suitable walk, manner of speaking and behaviour. In only one session, my confidence increased……and I got the part." (Liz Philipp)

"Blakbox Drama brought out amazing talents in the group of young people they worked with to pull off a Shakespeare performance yesterday and that was just wonderful to watch. Thank you Catherine and George - you were fabulous with the group." (M Briggs, parent)

"Catherine and George of Blakbox have always been there for me as an actress. They are supportive, dedicated and they kept pushing me for more. I have worked with Catherine many times. She was my RP dialect coach for Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice (2016) and Elvira in Blithe Spirit (won best character actress 2015). I worked with Blakbox to self-tape my auditions to drama school in the UK. Because of their talent and skills they helped me earn a place at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts where I am studying my masters in acting. They are both talented actors, directors, editor, coaches and mostly, they care about what they do which allows them to bring out the best in me and others…." (Aimee Olivia, Actress and MA Grad at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts London)

"Great group of young people and awesome instructors!" (C O'Connor, parent)

"Fantastic Shakespeare performances yesterday, well done all. Congratulations Blakbox Drama for all the hard work" (A Simpson, parent)

"Catherine and George have helped me prepare my audition on two occasions. They helped me gain insight into the character, helped me with the accent and gave me tips on my performance. It was a fun and educational process AND both auditions were successful." (Emma Love)

"Catherine and I used to sing in the same group so I knew she was a lovely person and wonderful performer and actress. She sparkled and moved like an angel!
Many years later when I began singing with another group and had a big competition looming, I turned to Catherine for help.
I'm quite reserved and shy and although I feel very deeply every note and nuance of the songs we sing, this simply doesn't translate into an engaged and engaging performer. I wanted to not only feel the songs, but show the audience that too.
Catherine helped me loosen up but most importantly she helped me feel comfortable about showing happiness, sadness, joy etc. when I am singing. We went through a variety of emotions and situations and although I felt a bit silly at first, the act of doing this with her helped me break through my reserve and try a few things.
The year progressed and I became more confident with my performance. I retained my position in the second row and the competition was a huge success for us all. We came fifth out of the top ten choruses world-wide, the best ever result for a NZ chorus.
My work with Catherine helped me feel way more comfortable in my "onstage skin" and made the competition an immensely satisfying experience for me. Thanks Catherine !! (Liz Young, singer)

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